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A fresh way to create events

Event Penguin comes with everything you need for your next event. Stop worrying about clunky and hard to use event sites and start your next event today!

Beautiful Event Pages

Impress your guests with a professional event. Unlock the power of our top-tier event pages, boasting stunning visuals and seamless usability. Elevate your event's appeal effortlessly with our unrivaled designs.

Flexible Registration

Craft custom passes, offer discounts, and control checkout options effortlessly with our flexible registration system.

Add the Content you Want

We believe in providing you with the tools to effectively share your event's story.

Marketing an event requires more than just a few words and an agenda. That's why Event Penguin goes the extra mile, allowing you to add images, speakers, sponsors, and more. Craft an event page that leaves a lasting impression.

Create the best event page possible with minimal effort. Incorporate visuals, speaker profiles, and sponsor displays. Maximize your event's impact while minimizing your time investment.


Deliver a seamless attendee experience with our event pages, eliminating hassles and allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your event's success.


Streamline event planning with Rafts! Collaborate effectively, share the workload, and host events seamlessly with anyone in your organization. Maximize efficiency by grouping similar events using Huddles, optimizing your event organization.

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